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To successfully implement technology solutions in the world of insurance is undoubtedly demanding. Projects invariably demand an appreciation of complex business, sophisticated processes, often a global perspective and the alignment of multiple interests. These demands are often compounded by the need to integrate with, or replace, ageing technology.

Delivering success in such a world demands excellent across three dimensions; technology, people and process.

We provides a comprehensive suite of insurance software solutions for the full spectrum of market participants - Insurers, Brokers, Reinsurers, MGAs and Healthcare providers. A portfolio dedicated to improve the performance and competitiveness of our clients. The benefits we deliver encompass

img   Streamlined organisations Integrated workflow intrinsic to our portfolio automates even the most complex processes. Removing unnecessary manual processes and enabling work to be conducted in the most cost effective locations. Ultimately reducing cost and reducing operational risk by modernizing through the retirement of legacy technology platforms.
img   Adaptive, agile foundations The need to adapt in light of new market entry, compliance challenges or changing operating models has never been more vital. Xuber provides solutions built upon adaptive foundations that provide configurable screens, business rules and processes. A catalyst to simplify architectures, business and processes
img   Clearly understood data models Data is the fuel of business. Trapping data, ensuring its integrity, and creating a repository of information is pivotal to the success of participants within the insurance arena. Particularly given the regulatory demands consistently placed upon heavily regulated operations. The Xuber portfolio is built upon technologically advanced software to unleash this information. 
img   Business Integration No longer can solutions stand alone. They must be designed to integrate with other systems, processes and the world at large. The Xuber Suite is built upon foundations that connect via various means including web services. Ensuring that "conversations" throughout the technology landscape happen, seamlessly. Pervasive business tools such as Outlook, Excel and workflow tools are connected to 'out of the box'.
img   Powerful Messaging The insurance arena has spawned a raft of messaging initiatives. All designed to facilitate the connection and streamlining of the marketplace at large. Xuber has a wealth of expertise in its targeted markets to ensure that these initiatives are embraced, and is a leader in many initiatives such as ACORD.
img   Information at the point of decision Bringing information to life and presenting that information to the right people at the right time, presented in readily accessible formats is an important dynamic in the world at large. With data springing from many sources, both within an organisations boundaries and from the world at large this data analytics is an important step in creating a performant, competitive operation.